How To Smoke Your “First Cigar”

How To Smoke Your “First Cigar”. First things first: why the quotation marks? Well, when I say ‘your first cigar’, I’m aware it…

The Chapel, Paddington, NW1: The one with the Lone Smoker

The Chapel, Paddington – The one with the Lone Smoker An unusual one, this, as it was the second place we went to on the same day. Six of us (we lucky few), had already been to Number 10 earlier in the afternoon, but as the numbers were so restricted we had The Chapel lined up for afterwards.

Cigars @ No.10, Manchester Street, N1U: The One with Only 6 of Us

Cigars @ No.10, Manchester street – an anniversary of the club treat. The One with Only 6 of Us Six of us visited No. 10 on a Saturday afternoon in mid January. Why so few? No, it’s nothing to do with my personality. If you must know, that was the maximum we were allowed to book for.